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YOUFAN is awarded as a “Qingdao Technology Center Enterprise”. Product development and technology innovation have been our core competitiveness. Together with renowned design agencies and textile fiber research institutions, we have developed over 20 innovative projects which are included in government’s pilots. We have a team of 30 professional designers, partnered with German design consultants and Japanese textile fiber manufacturing experts. We are able to promptly react to new international trends, grasp market tendencies, and provide customers with value-added products and services through our excellence in design and creativeness.

YOUFAN has accumulated tens of thousands of production-ready designs through over 20 years in operation; Each year there are close to one thousand new creations turned out that could be applied in mass production. We conduct research on different customer needs, offer tailored products and services, and develop various themes on different seasons. Products include curtain, tablecloth, bedding and other home textiles; Our markets are across Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

Designers’ team makes elegant lifestyles perfectly manifested through sophisticated fabrics and exquisite crafting. Being original and due to the striking characteristics, our products have won wide acclaims and aesthetic appreciation in and amongst the many domestic and international trade fairs, with the team being dubbed as “The Beautiful Chinese Girls”.